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What We Do

We are a team with a passion for technology. Our technology modifies screens to be capable having two-way interaction between the content and the users. Seeing this could lead to a lot of potential, so we decide to introduce this technology in Indonesia.

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Software Solution Development

Web based software development can greatly improve your business

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Connected Screen Product

The Connected Screen is so revolutionary that in general people don’t completely understand until they see it in action.

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Digital Marketing Service

Connect your brand through billions of users in various effective internet marketing channels


Mobile Application

Mobile apps (IOS-Android), Content Management System, Web Application, Company Profile Website

Connected Screen

Content exchange and live data (URL Links, E-Coupons, Mobile App, Wayfinder, Videos, Games, Social Media Sharing, Loyalty Program, Media Investment, Retail Solution, etc)

Couponing & Membership System

End to end solution for couponing or membership system for malls

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Web app and Cloud Services

Web app and Cloud Services Development (SaaS)


Multiple NFC Points

Multiple NFC points on screen for digital interactive media solution

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Tap and Receive

NFC tap solution on screen using NFC card or mobile phone to receive content


Why Connected Screen

For more than a decade the screen technology doesn't change. But now everything about to change. Our technology allowing people to interact with the screens. We can transform your screen to be a Giant wall of coupons and transmit the coupons confirmation code to your phone. We also can make your display advertising to have checkout feature that transmits the checkout URL to your phone or you can instantly check out and pay using NFC card by tapping it to the screen. This game changer technology focuses more on display advertising, allowing a lot of media creatives to make content that interact with people.

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